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    We make bespoke digital solutions
    for businesses, startups and forward-thinking individuals.

    iOS & Android mobile apps

    Lovingly hand-coded in Swift and Java, our native apps are always made to measure - we never use frameworks and we don't need to. We've yet to meet a function we couldn't create. Challenge us!

    Web application development

    Complex online applications - crafted mostly (but not exclusively) in Laravel and Angular - form the backbone of Chord's work. Intelligent management by experienced hands ensure a quick and painless transition from idea to working product.

    Website design & coding

    Website design is a passion from which Chord was born. Meticulous about front-end and UX, we create the finest websites with custom CMS functions to allow you to have full control. We don't use Wordpress and we never will, but we love Magento if selling online is your bag.

    Branding & graphic design

    The best product in the world will never achieve its full potential without a meaningful and coherent brand behind it. From strategy to execution (and even print production), Chord will give your idea body and soul through fine branding and graphic design for screen and print.



    Reimagining patient discharge



    E-commerce and conceptual design at the highest level



    Full creative and digital for a groundbreaking event



    Next generation yachting via web and 3D



    Flash fashion with the world's most famous cat



    Commerce and trade in the Middle East



    Shaping the future of the UK



    Helping a brand grow through creativity

    About us

    Chord Agency is the new way of doing software. Come to us with an idea and we realise it: through custom APIs constructed on bedrock databases; wrapped in lovingly-crafted front-end, all garnished with tasty branding and UX.

    All our products are proudly made in-house in Belgrade - Serbia - and we stand behind all that we do. You'll soon find our passion for the work is infectious, and we don't down tools until the product is a polished, gleaming gem. Look around the site and feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.


    Taking on a project is a big responsibility. It takes huge amounts of time and effort for us to truly understand your business so that we might begin helping you with the software. Thus, we start all projects with a thorough and intense scoping session - one or more of the team come to your place of work (or you come to us) and we drill into what make the process that needs transforming tick. Following that, we prepare the design and structure of the project.

    Then what do we do?

    We start building. We change things - we understand that defining totally new processes is a hard, thankless task that evolves with the project. We revisit things and recode them accordingly. We take five days off and come back to it with fresh eyes. We test and retest until the product is a shining gem, ready to be deployed into beta testing (an essential step). We demand that the passion we put into the products is reflected in our clients.

    What do we not do?

    We don't stick to the scope like a possessed barnacle hanging on to the side of a dredger for its dear life - we understand that the needs complex projects' change as the products are developed and deployed. We don't barrage you with questions or requests to correct obvious flaws. We don't wait to be told to do things. We don't put up with delays to payments, or a lack of a respectful working ethic.


    They say a blog is good for SEO purposes. We're not massively convinced although we have actually made a blog and have (hardly) used it. Check here for updates about what we're doing, what we're into, what new stuff we bought for the office, who we're looking to employ, and generally what on earth is going on at Chord.